Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What Was Different

We'll never really know why we ended up conceiving on this try rather than the many others before it, but I do know that I did some thigs differently...

- Because of cysts I took several months off from treatment and with time, was able to get back to a good place emotionally.

- I started doing yoga to help relax and deal with stress.

- My husband and I went on a wonderful vacation right before this cycle, where we reconnected with friends and spent lots of quality time with each other. I hardly thought about infertility at all.

- I did 2 months of acupuncture treatment leading up to and during treatment. I went to a naturopath who specializes in infertility.

- I did 2 months of chiropractic treatment to work on my lower back and make sure everything was open and working.

- I had more than 2 follicles/eggs which naturally increased my chances.

- I was very relaxed, thanks to a friend's visualization techniques, right before and during my procedure. I made sure to stay positive.

In the end, my BFP was still a complete shock. I felt exactly like I usually do when my period is about to come. I thought for sure I would "just know" I was pregnant but it wasn't that way. I think the most important thing was that I took care of myself and did everything I could to be in the best place emotionally and physically when I started treatment again. Being forced to take time off treatment is one of the most frustrating things, but once I accepted it, I used it for good. Who knows if I'd be where I am today without it!

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  1. I often wondered if the extra measures I took made Bean possible. But we'll never know for sure either. It's a little humbling isn't it?


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